Louis Vuitton boots… are they worth the splurge?

So, I bought a Pari of Louis Vuitton boots about 6 months ago and this got me thinking, are expensive purchases worth the money?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the new season shoes and bags that we see everyday on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your favourite blogger has all the new pieces and you aspire to live like them!

Is it worth spending all of your hard earned cash on one designer item? Will it be an investment or are you getting swept up by the hype of current trends.

They say you are either a handbag or a shoe person. I have to confess, I love bags they do something to me when I see something beautiful. You get that total obsession, until you buy the bag.

Shoes however not so much. That said my favourite type of shoes to wear are boots. Especially heeled boots, cannot get enough.

So, here we go… I purchased a pair of Louis Vuitton boots in August last year. They were new season and autumn/winter hadn’t even started yet. I had seen them on the few people and knew I liked them.

I took a trip to Selfridges in central london one Saturday, my aim to buy a new pair of boots. I had a few options in mind but wanted to try the Stuart Wizeman highland boots on and this was my first stop.

I asked one of the assistants if I could try on the highland boots in grey. He swiftly bough them out for me to try, I had jeans on at the time and eagerly pulled them on over my legs. They are lovely, but was I too short for them? I’m 5’2 so on the shorter side. I looked in the mirror and just felt them came up to high on my legs. I didn’t want to buy a boot that looked stupid on me? I realised they were not going to happen, even though I have still be tempted ever since.

I spent the next half an hour wondering around Selfridges shoe department feeling deflated. On the way in i passed the Louis Vuitton department and spied the amazing chunky boots I had seen. In my head they were too expensive. Priced at £945 they were too much.

I passed the Louis boots again and feeling deflated from earlier I decided to try them ok, they had no other customers so I had the sofa area to myself. She went and got a fresh pair, apparently they had only come in that week.

Up close they were amazing, I slipped them onto my feel and fell in love. The excitement built and I thought I’m getting them, why not hey! So I did….

Now did I need the boots? No

Were they what I went in for? No

This can be the danger when having money to burn in your pockets or a credit card, shhhh don’t tell anyone.

I am happy with my purchase, but I didn’t need to spend that much money on a pair of boots. Which I then had to pay off over the following months.

However I think you will agreed, they are beautiful. Plus there is something is exciting about getting a compliment from another women, when you are out.

Charlotte xx

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Jaclyn Hill & Mophe makeup palette review 

Is the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette worth spending your hard earned money on?

When i first saw this palette i was pretty excited to get my hands on it. I had waited patiently for Beauty Bay in the UK to stock it. There was no way i would pay the extortionate shipping fees from the US. These came to practically the same amount as the palette itself… crazy and no thanks.

We are all aware of the amount of hype this makeup item has caused, its seems within the beauty community, Jaclyn Hill herself is a very marmite commodity. You’re either a super fan and she can do nothing wrong, or she get’s criticized from every angle, including other youtubers.

I have watched her videos but i am primarily just a makeup artist and fan. I had not tried any previous palettes from Morphe themselves so i had no real expectations of how they should perform. I was happy to plod along with my MAC, Zoeva and Anastasia Beverley Hills shadows these being my favorites.

Once the UK release date arrived i was on the website that morning, after a few minutes the website actually crashed and there were all sorts of problems and complaints flying around on twitter. However Beautybay got their stuff together and i got my hands on the palette around lunchtime. Thank god i work in an office where i could keep an eye on their progress. Once i placed my order i was pleasantly surprised when it arrived bright and early the next day.

Let’s look at how the the actual Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette performs…

It’s packed with an array of neutral warm tone colours and i am happy to report some bold ones too. With my first finger swatch the shadows are smooth and creamy, the metallic shades almost feel wet to the touch. An indicator of a well pigmented shadow, which features just the right amount of oils in the ingredients. They feel very similar to the Makeup Geek formula which are also very affordable.

The packaging is white, this looks very pretty at first, however after a few uses the outside is covered in rainbow fingerprints, this doesn’t really bother me but depends how OCD you are about packaging. I have heard the packaging is getting changed soon, which has caused a little frustration to say the least among fans.
Overall i rate this palette highly, the quality of the shadows are impressive and it’s been slotted into everyday use. Totally worth the spend…

Lastly I wanted go through my favorite colours but, I can’t find any names on the actual palette which is a problem. You will just have to play around with them yourselves. Here’s a hint; I haven’t found a bad one yet.
Thank you for reading and see you again soon, please follow my blog if you liked this post.

Charlotte x

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New lipsticks from XObeauty 

When I heard the announcement that one of my favourite youtubers Shaaanxo is now releasing makeup with her company xobeauty I was super excited.

I knew she would come up with great products and a perfect nude lipstick is her signature.

When they were realised I placed my order to the UK. This didn’t take too long to be delivered, about a week and I had no extra delivery charges, phewww.

They come in adorable xobeauty packaging, the lipsticks themselves are metallic silver and lightweight, also featuring the xo logo on the side.

The lipsticks themselves are very creamy as suggested by Shan and feel very comfortable on the lips. I have colours Ubuntu a lovely pinky nude and Meraki a coral pink! These will be great during the summer…

I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the new launches from xobeauty!


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New Nars concealer makeup review 

There is a new cream concealer in town….
I have been using my MAC studio finish concealer for years now and nothing has tempted me to stray for very long.
However Nars have just released their new ‘Soft matte complete concealer’ and it’s really giving my MAC a run for its money.
This comes in a glass pot with 0.21oz/6.2g of product.

The texture is matte on the skin but feels very creamy when you apply. This does not cling to dry patches and smooths on the skin easily. The coverage is medium to full so very versatile. 

I have used this concealer both under my eyes and on my face, it works well in both areas…

My usual colour with Nars in Vanilla, light 2 this still seems the perfect shade.
I would highly recommend checking this out if your in the market for a new concealer. The best cream concealer I’ve seen for a long time.
Let me know your thoughts.
Makeupmiss XX

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My favourite foundation right now! Hourglass Vanish…

I am a self proclaimed foundation junkie, trying new foundations is my thing but his has left me with quite a collection, good and bad…

I have heard rave reviews about this particular foundation but couldn’t quite understand how a stick foundation could live up to my beloved liquids.

On the first try I was hooked…

I am talking about the new Hourglass stick foundation, fully named as Vanish seamless finish foundation stick. Now that’s a mouth full.

It really has the smoothest texture and great coverage.

My skin is pretty normal but can lean toward dry in the winter. Having tried Bobbi Brown sticks and also Makeup forever the word cakey springs to mind.

However the Hourglass one blends seamlessly into the skin, the coverage can be built up but is generally a perfect medium coverage.

They have a great colour selection mine being ‘Vanilla’ and nifty triangular packaging which makes this product visually pleasing as well as awesome.

Hourglass is more of a high end brand so expect to pay for this, I managed to save up enough Space NK points to help with the price.

Let me know if you have tried the foundation and what you thought?

This would be great for most skin types except very dry and gives a natural skin like finish.

Add powder on top for a matte look otherwise swipe and go.

MakeupMiss xx

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Skincare brand focus – OSKIA

I have been changing up my skincare routine recently. Partly to do with a bout of bad skin and also wanting to try something new.

I have always been intrigued by OSKIA as brand and have heard the raves about their cleansing gel. The packaging is clean and slick…I managed to get my hands on the full range and here are the best bits!

First of all its time to wash our face…

I use the Renaissance cleansing gel. It pumps out a pretty pink colour and has a gel like texture. Rub this all over your face (safe for eyes too). It feels balmy at first but add a little water and the texture disappears into a milky lotion. Use a muslin cloth to remove the excess and you are squeaky clean but hydrated.

The scent of OSKIA products is lightly rose like. This gives them a luxurious feel on the face.

Next I apply my serum, Super 16 serum is a light smooth texture, boosts collagen, hydrates and is anti-ageing.

Take a little Eye wonder an eye cream and serum in one and rub together on your ring finger. Patt this all around the eyes area. This boasts a lighter texture and it really sinks in quickly. It reduces puffiness, dark circles and hydrates ready for makeup.

Restoration oil I use this product either at night mixed in with my moisturisers or during the morning. This helps to give my skin an extra hydration boost and it’s one of their most hydrating products.

OSKIA have two day creams and I alternate between the two.

Nutri-active day cream is the lighter of the two. Mostly for hydrating the skin and great for oiler complexions.

Renaissance 360 does it all. This is your anti-ageing and brightening cream. Also great for pigmentation an all rounder. It’s texture is slightly richer and would be better for older or dryer skin.

Lastly we have the Renaissance Mask. The scent of this is very rose, it looks like a cleansing balm in the pot. As you massage on the skin it’s turns white and feels a little thicker. Leave on the skin for 10-15mins and wash off with a cloth. This leaves your skin super soft and great for that extra boost. It is an enzyme exfoliation which helps to take away dead skin sells. Use one or twice a week only as needed.

I am definitely a fan OSKIA, prices:

Cleanising gel £29.50, Mask £49.50, Eye wonder £48, Day cream £60, Supreme cream £65, Super serum £82, Oil £62.

A little background info from their website ‘Georgie Cleeve founded Oskia after witnessing first-hand the skincare benefits of MSM, more commonly known as the ‘Beauty Mineral’. A natural form of organic sulphur, MSM boosts collagen production, promotes circulation and helps decrease inflammation for a brighter, younger looking complexion’

Let me know if you have tried anything and if you enjoyed this post! Thanks for reading…


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Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess is here! 

We know summer has started when Estée Lauder brings out their Bronze Goddess collection and this year doesn’t disappoint.

I already have the fragrance left over from last year. It’s lasts forever but I wanted to pick up some other bits from the collection. 

The fragrance itself is described as:

A sensuous, sun drenched blend of Bergamot, warm Amber, Tiare flower and vanilla. Combined with delicious coconut.

This is the perfect beach summer scent and always a hit when I wear it.

I picked up the Shimmering body oil spay which also has the same scent. Moisturising with micro shimmer within. Spray this on arms and legs for glowing beach skin.

Lastly I picked up the beautiful palette. Containing three colours a bronze, blush and highlight. These are quite sheer in application but can be built up. Better for fairer skin tones as on a deeper skin this may not show up so well.

Are you going to be purchasing anything from the range??

Hope you enjoyed this post, please subscribe if you did.


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