New year New Makeup blog! by MakeupMiss

Hey everyone,

I’m makeupmiss and i am working as a makeup artist at the moment for a well known cosmetic brand.

The aim of this blog is to post new products that i love, new trends, my tips and tricks, fashion and anything else i fancy writing about.

I am going to post information on new products, we are starting a new year and makeup companies will be launching their new products right now to try and get us spending again after Christmas!

personally i hardly have the strength for shopping after the amount of food and chocolate i have consumed over xmas but the pull of potential new makeup and bargains is just too strong!

Even though i am sad to see the holiday go i am look forward to all the new spring/summer trends and bronzed look i am going to be working.

Instead i am pale and interesting, which reminds me i need to get a spray tan ASAP!

So i will be posting new stuff every week, keep in touch and here’s to 2013!!!!

Happy New year!


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