Lets talk Tom Ford Cosmetics!

Tom Ford lipstick
Tom Ford lipstick

Blush nude and Pink Dusk

So I have been working in the same beauty room as Tom Ford all year!

the counter looks pretty nice and their visuals of makeup always look great but I have never ventured over to have a closer look. Maybe because I wasn’t sure what to expect and partly because of the expensive price tag, Way more pricy than the likes of even Chanel or YSL.

I had been hearing good things about their brushes, lipsticks, blushers and nail varnish so I thought I should take a look.

All the makeup is pretty high end looking with nice packaging in the gold and black, something that would look nice on the dressing table.

I am a lipstick collector so i thought let’s start there.

I bought two colours in really wearable nude/pink colours and I have to say I am now a big fan. The texture is so soft and moisturising on the lips but the colour still stays on. They feel luxurious on the lips and the two colours I bought Blush Nude and Pink Dusk are great staples to have.

They retail at £36 or $48

I have been using them non-stop for the last few weeks but I feel bad when I finished the Lippy because I don’t really want to pay out that much each time on a lipstick and i know I will definitely be tempered

I also bought the Tom Ford contour and highlight set which I haven’t got around to trying but will write a review when I do.

Thanks for reading



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