Amazing Fake tan product

Which Fake tan to buy????

Summer has arrived and there is always the dilemma how healthy sitting in the sun for too long is and if it’s better to use Fake tan products instead.

I am always chasing the perfect tanning products as i am pretty pale and it’s annoying streaks and patches are very obvious on me!

I have gone back and forward between full on dark tanning products and gradual tans

Sometimes an 8 hour developing tan can be way too dark and obvious on me and I’ve bought gradual tans before which hardly show up at all.

Gradual Tan by Bobbi Brown
Gradual Tan by Bobbi Brown

Recently i have found an amazing gradual tan which i have been using for the last few weeks.

I work in a department store and all the girls on Bobbi Brown suddenly looked amazingly tanned in a good way, i had to investigate further and found the amazing Bobbi Brown Sunless tanning Gel for the face and body.

I ordered online and it arrived in the post, it comes in a good size tube which should last all summer!

I gave it a try the next night, would it look the same on me?

Before applying i had to give it the smell test, i hate applying fake tans that are too perfumed or smell too much of the tan. This product smells really good on application, it has a fresh more citrus scent.

It comes in a white lotion which most gradual tans do, the only problem is you can’t see whether it’s applied evenly everywhere.

Because of the gel texture it goes a long way and there isn’t too much rubbing in needed.

I decided to test it on my legs first to test the color estimating i would have to apply about 3 times to get my desired tan.

The next day i woke up and my legs looked golden and tanned, the color had developed more than i thought and i looked tanned after the first application. The coverage was very even i just had a little patch on my heel where it caught my dry skin so you do still have to watch hands and feet with this tan.

I decided to put it on my whole body the next night including my face and it went on so easily. My face looks just as brown as my body with no break-outs caused. after two applications on my body i have a full tan and been getting compliments all day.

I would say if you are pale to use only one coat per week anymore and you will look as though you have been to the beach for two weeks unless you want that look

The only thing is the nice smell on application went away and i do small of fake tan the day after, like biscuits i always think!

Overall this is a great product and I’m going to carry on using it all summer to keep my tan topped up.

*Great coverage

*Easy application


*Natural Color

It retails at £24 or $33 – 125ml

It is limited for the summer months




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