Charlotte Tilbury is a famous celebrity makeup artist who started her own makeup brand which launched a year ago at Selfridges London. The brand is backed by all her celebrity friends and has some great products.

Only available in the US about 2 months ago i wanted to do a  review for you. These are the products i got my hands on, keep reading…

If you go onto the website you can look through the products like normal but can also browse using the looks section. This is a really interesting and enjoyable way to buy especially when you cannot physically see the products in front of you.

Obviously the model is stunning but so are all of the looks. You can really find your own style and choose products that will suit you. Or even try something totally different. You have the option to buy a full ‘look’ as well which start from about £145/$200 to £165/$225. You get a mixture of products from mascara, eye shadow to blusher and lipstick. The only things not included are foundation, powder and concealer.

You can of course by individual items and spending over £150 gives you free next day delivery on the UK site.

I decided to mix and match my selection and here’s what i bought below…


The Products came in a lovely deep red box with the Charlotte Tilbury logo on the front. All wrapped up tight in tissue paper. It was exciting to open, because i spent over a certain amount I received this for free but you can add gift wrap for a little extra.


Here you can see everything out of the boxes! Doesn’t look as much like this though!


The lipstick above is called ‘Bitch Perfect‘ £23/$32. I couldn’t decide between this or another lipstick Penelope pink. Colors were difficult to judge online. I was expecting this lipstick to be a little pinker. When it’s on it looks more peachy nude than pink. Especially on me as i am quite fair. Someone with more pigmented lips it could look a little pinker. The texture is smooth not too drying but not really glossy either. I loved the rose gold packaging. Over all i like the lipstick but it was not my favorite. A little more of a browner nude than i like but if that’s your thing then go for it. I would give this a 6/10.


Next i opened the Lip pencil in Pillow talk £16/$22. I have heard so much hype around this product being the perfect nude. I do like this and it goes well under Bitch perfect lipstick, however again it was a little too brown tone for my lips and made them darker. You can see a swatch below of the liner and lipstick on my hand. It had a nice texture and was not drying like some lip liners can be. Pencil gets a 7/10.


The next two products were my favorites out of the bunch. Step forward the Rock ‘N’ Kohl eye pencil in ‘Bedroom Black’  (above middle) £19/$26. Wow! these are amazing. The Kohl pencil is sooo smooth, creamy and literally glides on the skin. It is described as a liquid eye pencil and that’s exactly how it feels. It’s comparable to the MAC Smoulder and Feline eye pencils but even smoother and this one does not move around the eye. I totally recommend this product. 10/10

The Colour Chameleon shadow pencil in ‘Dark Pearl’ £19/$26 for brown eyes. (bottom) I am a fan of cream shadow sticks and wondered how this would compare as it’s in a pencil form. Expecting this to be dryer than some of my others the Colour Chameleon glides onto my lid and sticks around all day. I chose the color for Brown eyes even though mine are hazel because i knew it would be a color i would like, this was the case! Quick and easy, needing little blending, a must have for anyone who likes a one product eye look. I will be buying a few more of these, easy to choose with the color guide provided on the website. 9/10


Filmstars on the go in ‘All about Eve‘. There are 5 shade combos to choose from and the idea is to be able to look great on the go. I love having these complimentary products together in a lightweight compact. Blend both with your fingers using the large mirror and go! The cream shadow is quite sheer but can be built up. The cheek and lip products are lovely and creamy which gives a nice glow when on. At £42/$55 worth the investment if you do not have too many separate products like this. 8/10.


Let’s talk foundation! One of my favorite makeup category apart from lipsticks. ‘Light Wonder‘ £32/$45. I have heard some reviews on this products and it has been mixed. The packaging is nice but not quite as luxe as the other products. It is described as ‘A youth boosting, perfect skin foundation. Containing SPF15. I don’t know what i was expecting but this foundation did not blow me away. The coverage just it not there. It claims to cover redness, pores and uneven skin tone. It feels more like a tinted moisturizer which is not what it’s marketed at. I have good skin and it was not enough coverage for me. It looks like skin when on but i was a little disappointed considering her other products are great! Not bad but better for the summer months i give this 5/10.

I would like to check out a few other products from the range but overall i really like Charlotte Tilbury makeup. Worth buying just watch some of the color selections.

Have you tried anything from the range? What did you think?

I hope you have enjoyed this post!

Speak soon… Makeup Miss xx

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