My favourite fake tan products – St Tropez


I have tried a number of fake tan brands on the market and every time I come back to one… St Tropez

Here is my run down of my favourite products…

The first is new to the market – The In Shower gradual tan 

Mixing water and tan is a strange combination as this is normally a no no, but St Tropez have managed it.

Once you have cleansed your body you step out of the shower and apply this creamy formula all over your body, wait for 3 minutes and then wash off. This seems simple but is actually pretty cold when you do it.

I find having your bathroom extra warm helps and you phone at hand for time/check twitter or Instagram for a few minutes makes everything go much quicker. I quite like using this product just on my legs to give them a boost which means I can wrap a towel around my top half for the three minute wait and then rinse.

Overall a good gradual tanner but it’s very natural and would be better to top up a real or fake tan.

My ultimate favourite product is the ST Tropez 3 hour instant tan. I find this gives me the most natural look and I can choose how long to keep it on for. In a rush no problem, leaving this on for 1,2 or 3 hours! It feels so much better to be able to wash this off before bed and still wake up with a golden glow. It does have a fake tan smell but after the first day fades away nicely. It lasts for about 7 days on me and comes off quite even with exfoliation.

Lastly is the St Tropez 8 hour mousse which is their classic formula. Apply the night before and wash off in the morning. This gives the deepest tan of all but is not orange. I use this when I have an event and want to look seriously tanned or sometimes just on my legs for an extra boost. The formula is harder to apply evenly and using a mitt is a must. This is not for a tanning newbie.

Have you used any of these products and what did you think?? 

MakeupMiss xx

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