Tanya Burr Cosmetics re-launch

When I saw that Tanya Burr had re-launched her cosmetic line with new packaging and new products I was excited to check it out…

I’m loving the new packaging it looks more high end and much more appealing to me.
I wanted to pick up her eye shadow palettes as they look super cute. I managed to get my hands on ‘Galaxy eye palette‘ which has four colours embossed with a star pattern. There are 3 shimmer shades and one matte brown which I would use in the crease. Overall a lovely colour combination.

Secondly I bought the ‘Hollywood eye palette‘ which seems to be the most popular online. This is more gold toned and is very flattering on the eye. This palette would suit almost everyone. The palette again has a pretty pattern embossed in the shadows with a cute heart mirror within the compact.

I also purchased a nail polish in ‘Pick ‘n’ mix‘ a great baby pink colour. However I did have to apply three coats to get the opacity I needed. 

Lastly I got the lipgloss in ‘Afternoon tea‘ A lovely peachy pink when on the lips that smells like watermelon.

I am very impressed with her range and is available in superdrug in the UK, definitely go check it out!!
Above me wearing ‘Afternoon tea’ gloss!

Let me know what you think…

MakeupMiss xxx

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