August beauty favourites…

I wanted to round up my favourite products I have been using for the month of August… Bye bye summer 😥

MAC Dazzleshadow in Slow/fast/slow  – A new texture eye shadow Mac released as limited edition. It’s similar to their pressed glitter pigment but with more depth of colour. You can therefore use this on it’s own all over the lid for a super shimmery pigmented shadow. Absolutely love this texture, I’m sure Mac will bring this back in another collection too. See swatch below.

Tany Burr ‘Afternoon tea’ lipgloss – A great peach pink colour on the lips with a non sticky formula. See my recent post on her new collection for more information.

Mabelline Lash sensational Mascara –  This mascara has had a lot of hype online and it looked like something I would like. The brush is rubbery, curved and spiked so applies a good amount of product on the first swipe. This gives voluminous, intense black lashes and is my new favourite drugstore mascara. Worth a try…

MAC Fix+ lavender scent – when I heard about the scented fix+ I was super excited to try them. They are the same formula but with the added scent. I got Lavender and this refreshes and calms your skin when sprayed on the face. Other scents included; Rose, coconut and green tea. A little gimicky but fun none the less.

Dior Air flash foundation –  I had been wanted to try this for ages and again there is a lot of hype around this product. As soon as I got this I fell in love. I wear the shade 201 which has a slight yellow undertone. I especially like to wear this over the top of another more natural foundation for a flawless look. Great for an evening out. I would apply by spraying onto a foundation brush and not straight onto the face for an airbrushed effect.

CO LAB Dry shampoo – I used to love batiste dry shampoo and this is just as good, I really like the different scents however this does give a slight white cast on the hair. Nothing that can not be brushes in which looks fine.

Bodyshop Honey Bronzer no.2 – This has been my go to Bronzer all summer long, it’s smooth texture  and a great tone for a fair to medium skintone. This does not come out too orange on the skin and gives a nice satin finish.

 Above swatches of Honey Bronzer (left) and MAC Dazzleshadow.

What have you been loving for the month of August?

Look out for my Autumn makeup edit post coming soon…

Love MakeupMiss xx

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