Review: Makeup Geek Eye shadows

For years now I have been a loyal MAC eye shadow girl…

I kept seeing and hearing about Makeup Geek shadows being just as good if not better than MAC considering the cheaper price point. Living in the UK I was unable to test this for myself.
I can now buy at yesss! No expensive customers charges for me.   

Prices are £4.95 for original eye shadow pans and £7.95 for the foiled shadows which were the ones I most wanted to get my hands on.

I purchased 7 eye shadows and they did not disappoint.

The texture of each is so smooth and pigmented. The foiled shadows have an almost spongy wet texture to the touch. However On the eye they feel like a normal shadow. Very easy to build up and blend out. I think they are as good as MAC shadows, it’s definitely a tie.

Swatches below:

Foiled shadows  
My favourites being Grandstand a Mesmerized to create a great smokey eye together for the lid and crease.

 Single pan shadows 
I really loved Cocoa bear all over the lid for a quick day time look and Shimma Shimma is one intense inner corner highlight.

I will be buying a few more colours in the new year…

Which are you favourite?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Bring on 2016!

Love MakeupMiss xx

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