Beauty gifts – What I got for Christmas 2015


Christmas was a really fun and I am happy to report that I got lots of nice gifts…

The one book I really wanted since it came out a few months ago was the Lisa Eldridge Face Paint book. It’s packed full of facts and history. If your obsessed with makeup like me you will love this book.

   I recieved a few skincare items from Charlotte Tilbury. As you know I am a big fan of her foundation and wanted to try her skincare. Here’s what I got…

The Magic cream, Goddess skin clay mask, Wonder glow primer and a sample of her Magic Night cream which came out online the day after Christmas.

The cream products are heavily scented with rose so if you are sensitive to this type of scent you won’t like these. However I really liked the smell and surprisingly the cream didn’t feel too thick or heavy on the skin. 


The mask has the same scent and is meant to lift, firm and hydrate the skin while helping with breakouts. We shall see if this does the job but on first impressions it felt great. Not tight and my skin was left silky smooth.

I also got a voucher for Space NK as I was hoping for the no. 9 brush from Artis. Sadly this was sold it before Christmas so I am eager to get my hands on it when they come back into stock!

I got a colouring book with lots of Vogue illustrations inside. This is meant to be calming for the brain, I’ll definitely give it a go…

Lastly I got chocolates, socks and pyjamas which no girl can go without at Christmas. 

What was your favourite gift?

Keep and eye out for my best of 2015 post coming soon…

Love MakeupMiss xx

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