My Winter Skincare Routine

I always change up my skincare in the winter as my skin tends to get a little drier and so the richer products come out!



OSKIA Renaissance cleansing gel

I love the OSKIA renaissance cleansing gel as it gets every bit of makeup and dirt off my face.

It comes out pink and is quite a oily texture when you first apply on the face. Squeeze out one pump between fingers and massage all over a dry face. Next add water and it will turn into a milky consistency. Wipe with a face cloth and there we go a squeaky clean face.


 I always like to go over my face with some Bioderma on a cotton pad. I take this over my eyes to remove my eye makeup too. It’s light and amazing for sensitive skin – like water.


MAC Fix +

This refreshing water contains vitamins and minerals good for the skin. I have the limited edition lavender, which calms the skin. After washing my face I apply as my first step.  


Bobbi Brown hydrating eye cream

This is a light texture which sinks in easily. Great for hydration and fine lines. I put a small amount between my two ring fingers and patt onto the skin around my eyes. A perfect first step eye cream.


Bobbi Brown Intensive skin supplement (serum)

I love this stuff they describe as ‘like sunshine in a bottle’ great for tightening the skin and reducing redness. The texture is thick and gel like but disappears once applied to the face. Add this onto the skin before my moisturiser to help this work better.


Creme de la Mer face lotion

This is my go to mosituiser and I particularly like how it feels. It’s like texture hydrates and has great anti ageing properties but not so good with a hefty price tag. Nice for all skin types if you can get your hands on it and have the budget.

I also use


Charlotte Tilbury face cream

This is a thicker cream but not so thick that you are there for 20mins rubbing it in. This gives me an extra hit of moisture when I need it and would be great for normal to dryer skin. A little goes a long way and primes the skin for makeup.


Lipglow Dior 

The packaging of this products drew me in but its actually a great balm. It hydrates and gives the lips a hint of pink, perfect for a no makeup day.

So that’s my skin prepped for makeup everyday.



La Roche Posay – Lipikar Lait

I bought this when I was in France about 6 months ago but it’s available in most drug stores or online now.

This lotion really helped with the dry skin on my upper arms. It hydrates but does not irritate. It also gives the skin a glisten effect when applied so great on the legs for an occasion. The pump on top makes for easy application.

The White Company – Wild Mint hand lotion

I have this on my bedside table and apply before I go to sleep keeping my hands hydrated. It’s a light consistency and the wild mint and white tea scent smell divine. Partly the reason I bought this hand lotion. They have lots of other nice scents in store so go check them out.

Hope you enjoyed a peak into my skincare routine.

What do you use?

MakeupMiss Xx

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