Jaclyn Hill & Mophe makeup palette review 

Is the Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette worth spending your hard earned money on?

When i first saw this palette i was pretty excited to get my hands on it. I had waited patiently for Beauty Bay in the UK to stock it. There was no way i would pay the extortionate shipping fees from the US. These came to practically the same amount as the palette itself… crazy and no thanks.

We are all aware of the amount of hype this makeup item has caused, its seems within the beauty community, Jaclyn Hill herself is a very marmite commodity. You’re either a super fan and she can do nothing wrong, or she get’s criticized from every angle, including other youtubers.

I have watched her videos but i am primarily just a makeup artist and fan. I had not tried any previous palettes from Morphe themselves so i had no real expectations of how they should perform. I was happy to plod along with my MAC, Zoeva and Anastasia Beverley Hills shadows these being my favorites.

Once the UK release date arrived i was on the website that morning, after a few minutes the website actually crashed and there were all sorts of problems and complaints flying around on twitter. However Beautybay got their stuff together and i got my hands on the palette around lunchtime. Thank god i work in an office where i could keep an eye on their progress. Once i placed my order i was pleasantly surprised when it arrived bright and early the next day.

Let’s look at how the the actual Jaclyn Hill Morphe palette performs…

It’s packed with an array of neutral warm tone colours and i am happy to report some bold ones too. With my first finger swatch the shadows are smooth and creamy, the metallic shades almost feel wet to the touch. An indicator of a well pigmented shadow, which features just the right amount of oils in the ingredients. They feel very similar to the Makeup Geek formula which are also very affordable.

The packaging is white, this looks very pretty at first, however after a few uses the outside is covered in rainbow fingerprints, this doesn’t really bother me but depends how OCD you are about packaging. I have heard the packaging is getting changed soon, which has caused a little frustration to say the least among fans.
Overall i rate this palette highly, the quality of the shadows are impressive and it’s been slotted into everyday use. Totally worth the spend…

Lastly I wanted go through my favorite colours but, I can’t find any names on the actual palette which is a problem. You will just have to play around with them yourselves. Here’s a hint; I haven’t found a bad one yet.
Thank you for reading and see you again soon, please follow my blog if you liked this post.

Charlotte x

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