Louis Vuitton boots… are they worth the splurge?

So, I bought a Pari of Louis Vuitton boots about 6 months ago and this got me thinking, are expensive purchases worth the money?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the new season shoes and bags that we see everyday on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your favourite blogger has all the new pieces and you aspire to live like them!

Is it worth spending all of your hard earned cash on one designer item? Will it be an investment or are you getting swept up by the hype of current trends.

They say you are either a handbag or a shoe person. I have to confess, I love bags they do something to me when I see something beautiful. You get that total obsession, until you buy the bag.

Shoes however not so much. That said my favourite type of shoes to wear are boots. Especially heeled boots, cannot get enough.

So, here we go… I purchased a pair of Louis Vuitton boots in August last year. They were new season and autumn/winter hadn’t even started yet. I had seen them on the few people and knew I liked them.

I took a trip to Selfridges in central london one Saturday, my aim to buy a new pair of boots. I had a few options in mind but wanted to try the Stuart Wizeman highland boots on and this was my first stop.

I asked one of the assistants if I could try on the highland boots in grey. He swiftly bough them out for me to try, I had jeans on at the time and eagerly pulled them on over my legs. They are lovely, but was I too short for them? I’m 5’2 so on the shorter side. I looked in the mirror and just felt them came up to high on my legs. I didn’t want to buy a boot that looked stupid on me? I realised they were not going to happen, even though I have still be tempted ever since.

I spent the next half an hour wondering around Selfridges shoe department feeling deflated. On the way in i passed the Louis Vuitton department and spied the amazing chunky boots I had seen. In my head they were too expensive. Priced at £945 they were too much.

I passed the Louis boots again and feeling deflated from earlier I decided to try them ok, they had no other customers so I had the sofa area to myself. She went and got a fresh pair, apparently they had only come in that week.

Up close they were amazing, I slipped them onto my feel and fell in love. The excitement built and I thought I’m getting them, why not hey! So I did….

Now did I need the boots? No

Were they what I went in for? No

This can be the danger when having money to burn in your pockets or a credit card, shhhh don’t tell anyone.

I am happy with my purchase, but I didn’t need to spend that much money on a pair of boots. Which I then had to pay off over the following months.

However I think you will agreed, they are beautiful. Plus there is something is exciting about getting a compliment from another women, when you are out.

Charlotte xx

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