MAC cosmetics products – look inside my makeup artist kit

MAC makeup products are the number one brand I get asked about when doing a clients makeup. They always want to know if I use Mac and the answer is yes!

In comparison to other brands, Mac has a wide range of colours, textures and everything in between at affordable prices to build up your makeup kit. Even if you are just an avid makeup collector there is something for everyone. I have collated a few of my favourite products;

Lip palettes

I really like the lip palettes from Mac, they bring these out each season and represent the colours and textures that are on trend that season. These formulas can be used anywhere on the face. For the lips, as a blushers or even on the eyes. They are so versatile.

Mineralise Bronzer

I am a fan of the mineralize product range, the formulas are light and very blend-able. You are able to build up colour but the pigmentation isn’t too strong.

Mac blushers

MAC have every colour blusher you could ever think of. From the deep plum shades to the barley there blush pinks. You can find a perfect shade for you.

These products are just a few basics I use in my makeup kit on clients. I will go through a few more products each week, So watch this space.

Charlotte xx

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