Why do I have bumpy chicken like skin… Keratosis Pilaris

Looking back to when I was in my early twenties, everything was smooth, soft and tight.

When you reach your late twenties things start going a little arrai.

I have been suffering from what they call ‘chicken skin’ in the last few years and it’s really bugging me. Ive seen it on other people previously and just assumed their arms were a little red but it’s so much worse than that.

Having read up about it the causes are speculative, it’s basically the hair folicules on your arms, legs or wherever you suffer from it get blocked. Your skin is meant to exfoliate it’s self but if this doesn’t happen you get red bumps on the skin.

No manual exfoliation can help this and I have scrubbed at my arms many a time with a loofa but ultimately made things worse. It’s underneath the skin, keeping things moisturised does help but the redness still stays. I find it seems to get worse in the winter months but I also notice it more in the summer because I want to get my arms out.

When a loved one goes in for a hug or touches my upper arms without warning I often used to pull away in case they felt my chicken skin. This really is a problem.

There isn’t a ‘cure’ out on the market and I’m secretly hoping one day I’ll wake up and it will be gone forever back to my smooth skin I had before.

I’ve found a few products help to keep things calm, Ameliorate cream, has been designed for this type of condition but ultimately will not cure it, really, just keeping it at bay until further notice.

Have any of you suffered with this and had any good or bad experiences with products to treat it?

Let’s help each other to get rid of this annoying bumping skin!

Charlotte xx

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2 thoughts on “Why do I have bumpy chicken like skin… Keratosis Pilaris

  1. Yep, I have it, too. I just make sure to use a good lotion, it really helps keep it from getting too bad. I think some kind of cream came out specifically for these bumps, but I can’t remember who makes it…maybe Jergens? I can’t remember. if I figure it out, I will come back and tell you. 🙂

    1. Yes let me know if you remember! It’s just more annoying than anything, I’m sure other people don’t even notice! Thanks for the comment xx

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