How do I apply fake tan perfectly… tips and tricks

I have always been a super pale person, going nearly see through in the winter. It doesn’t quite help that I live in London, UK and always thought if I lived in LA or something I might be a few shades more tan, or maybe pink??

I have perfected the art of fake tanning and actually prefer this way now, at least I won’t have to deal with sun damage when I’m older.

I have used many brands of tan and have settled on a little routine each week to keep things looking nice.

The prep – it’s so important to exfoliate your skin a day or so before you tan, I use an exfoliating mitt in the shower and make sure I pay close attention my my elbows, knees and feet. I used an oil based shower cream to keep things soft.

The moisturiser – Next I like to keep my body nice and moisturised, on the day of tanning I tend to get out of the shower, squeaky clean and apply lotion to any dry areas, or places I know my tan could build up. These tend to be, elbows, my under arms and just above, this is were tan tends to collect, my neck for a smooth finish and my hands and feet.

The Application – I like to use the St Tropez express tanning mousse this you can leave on for 1, 2 or 3 hours depending on how deep you want your tan to be. I apply this with a St Tropez tanning mitt, I’ve used the cheaper ones but I always poke a hole through the end and this bugs me. I normally leave the express tan on for 2 hours for a lovely golden colour. I start with my arms, chest, stomach and then back. I clean my hands after and reapply moisturiser, then apply any excess left on the mitt over my hands. I never apply another pump of fresh mousse to my hands, this will certainly give you orange hands and you’ll never do that twice!

Top tip one – If I am in a hurry I will only tan my top half to my waist one evening, then concentrate on my legs the next day. This tan is great if you are in a rush as you wash it off after 3 hours and just get on with your day.

Top tip two – If I tan in the evening I also put on my ‘tanning pyjamas’ this consists of a long sleeved top and bottoms, tucking them in so there are no gaps. This makes sure your bed sheets don’t get stained and only the pyjamas which are much easier to wash.

If I want a deeper tan – I also like using the Classic St Tropez tanning mousse this gives me a deeper tan but must be left on for 8 hours. I reserve this mainly for my legs in the summer when I want them to look super bronzed and goddess like. If I apply this all over my body it can sometimes be too much.

Tanning my face – I don’t like to use a body tan on my face, I find them too drying and also they break me out. I have found the tanning drops you add into your moisturiser are an absolute god send for the face. I have tried Tan luxe and also recently Isle of paradise, these are a little more affordable than the tan luxe and have been working great. I have the medium shade and the instructions say use 1-15 drops as desired. I have pretty fair skin so I only use 2-3 drops, mixed with a pump of face lotion. Any more and I would have an orange face. I would recommend playing it safe and seeing what works before you go all the way to 15 drops, Less is more…

The Tan booster – On my in between days I also use Perfect legs skin miracle by This Works this is like makeup for the body and gives you a bronzed colour, with slight shimmer particles. It is great for the arms or legs. It drys down and does not transfer either. This also works if you are a bruise or mark on your leg that needs covering.

Top top three – Oils break down fake tan, if you want to prolong your tan longer use an oil free moisturiser on the body, also the less you scrub at your skin the longer it will last. Avoid long baths, unless you want to get the last remnants off and also try not to shower your hole body more than once as day. Use water to wash with and soap on the most important bits.

I hope you enjoyed this post and took something from it to help next time you fake tan.

Any questions leave them below, also let me know what tanning products you use and love.

Charlotte xx

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