What to do if you are stuck in a rut…

What to do when you feel like life isn’t going as planned…

I have spoken to many people about this and lots of people have felt this or feel the same currently, I am stuck in a rut. I no longer go out every Friday and Saturday night to bars and clubs, I would much rather have a night in with my mates watching a movie.

Having been in a long term relationship and that ending in my late twenties I found myself in a weird sort of limbo.

Nothing in my life was satisfying me and the things I used to do before that relationship, I no longer could.

I still have a few school friends from back in the day but those nights out soon became the odd catch up dinner, then straight home at 10pm. But here I was single in my late twenties and surrounded by friends and family who were settled down, getting engaged and having children? Were had I lost my way…

I know that everyone’s path is different but it made me look back and wish I had given that one boy a chance who was so sweet and nice and exactly what I wanted NOW. However back then I played things cool, I didn t give guys a chance unless you had a bad boy attitude. So so wrong, I realise now.

So now here I am single and wanting to make new friends but this is harder then it seems. My job doesn’t seem exciting anymore and I am stuck with a group of guys in the office where I work, but no real single girly friends. I know it isn’t just me that feels this way but sometimes it can feel like you are alone.

So what have I been doing to change this; I’m looking for a new job in a bigger company, a little more money wouldn’t help and I know it will happen soon.

But the main thing thats been helping me is getting out there and taking up a new hobby. I have always be into my photography and I decided to take a evening class to up my skill level and I love it. I also try and work out which always gives me that euphoric feeling and have been very much enjoying writing blog posts and getting back into Instagram.

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All of these things together have helped me slowly feel less in a rut, don’t get more wrong I sometimes have the urge to quit my job and run off travelling around the world. I still might do it tho, watch this space… you only live once hey! Anyone need a travel buddy??

Have any of you felt like you’re in a rut, what did you do to help youself get out of that mindset and feeling? I definitely think the fact that summer is coming makes everything seem much better and happier, especially when you have been feeling down and lost in the depths of winter. But here we are, spring is here and summer just around the corner.

Let me know what you have been enjoying doing, whether it be hobbies or travelling I would love to know.

Charlotte xx

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