The best new moisturiser… L’Occitane

I have been a skincare addict for many years now but have yet to find my holy grail product to use at night…

But I think I’ve found it… I often get sent little samples from skincare brands I’ve signed up with and enjoy giving them a go.

At night I find some products can be too heavy for my skin. I have normal to slightly dehydrated skin that can break out if over congested.

I hate the feeling of skincare sitting on the skin not penetrating during the night when you wake up, your still a sticky mess.

I want my skin to feel plump and soft in the morning, this is hard to achieve.

I recently tried the new L’Occitane hydrating range and think I’m on to a winner.

The L’Occitane – ultra thirst quenching gel

In the pot it looks like a hair gel, clear and the packaging giving it a slight blue hue. I asked the sales assistant if it was less moisturising being a gel, but was informed this product is even more hydrating in this form.

A little goes a long way with this, as it spreads evenly onto the skin for a lightweight feel.

It does have a slight tacky feel at first, which is great for applying makeup on top.

I use this at night for extra hydrated skin in the morning and stick with my current daytime skincare. Details will be coming soon in another post.

What’s your favourite skincare for nighttime?? I would love to know.

Charlotte xx

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